Dun Dun Drums

Made from the finest North American hardwoods

Rope-tuned with "diamond" lacing, a traditional Mali drumweave.

Morgan Drums offers four sizes of DunDun bass drums:

Thunderous bass & pure tone!
Amazingly light weight!

Please contact us for price and availability at morgan@morgandrums.com or (763) 444-4420.

Gallery of previously-sold Dun Dun Drums

17" x 25" Dun Dun

Dun dun


shell: Precision turned from Ivory Coast Iroko wood (a traditional Djembe wood) made by Morgan Drums
head: African cowskin & 1/2" heavy-duty steel rings
price: sold

Please contact us if you would like to custom order a dunun.


Dun Dun Drum
size: 17 " x 15 "
wood: Black Walnut
head: cow
made by Morgan Drums
item #: 0903


Dun Dun Drums
size: 14.5 " x 29 "
head: cow

size: 13 " x 25 "
head: cow



"Dun dun" is the African name for the barrel shaped bass drum found all over the world. Dun duns are played horizontally with a stick in one hand and often a bell is played on top of the drum with the other hand.


The Dun Dun is also sometimes called the dunun, dundun, or djun-djun.